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Individual Coaching

Whether you are struggling as a single or married woman to create a work-life balance, anxious about the future or figuring out how to blossom in your current season of life.  Together, we will map a plan to get you to the next level.

Couples Coaching

whether you are receiving coaching alone or with your partner, at honorable marriages, you will optimize your combined strengths and be fully equipped with the tools to build a healthy relationship

Group Coaching

Find the support group you need with women in different seasons of life. Because you don’t have to do life alone

Hello! I’m Dr. Kezia, I am a mom and a wife. My life’s calling is to help people in all stages (single, dating, married) to prepare for and to enjoy marital satisfaction

 Professional Life Coach

Certified by the board of Christian Life coaching. I’m currently working on my Master’s Diploma in Marriage and Family Counseling. My specialization includes but not limited to helping couples in all stages (dating, engaged, marriage, parenting, etc) to identify and optimize their combined strengths to win at marriage. I also coach women to thrive and blossom through the different seasons of life. 

Honorable Marriages is not only a coaching business, it is a ministry. Coaching people through tough situation is not only a PASSION, it is also my life’s CALLING. To me, every client I meet is carefully handpicked by God and every appointment session is divine.

I’m a living testimony of what couples can truly experience in a healthy marriage

My Expertise (Couple’s coaching)

Premarital Coaching

Pre-Engagement Coaching

Balancing marriage with parenting

Seeking God's plan regarding each season

Someone to Talk To

Due diligence before you say "I do"

Conflict Resolution

Intercultural Relationship

Building Spiritual Intimacy

Improving Communication

Couples Infidelity

Building Romance and improving intimacy

Marriage Coaching

Love languages

Financial Conflicts

Strained relationships with Inlaws

Setting realistic expectations

My Expertise (Women Coaching)

Life Coaching for Women

Building resilience

Taking out the emotional trash

Navigating Singleness

Navigating different seasons of life

Someone to talk to

Setting life goals

Work-life balance

Postpartum coaching

My Approach & Values

       Prepare. Rebuild. Restore

Although marriage is not the ultimate purpose of man, Marriage is honorable among all (Hebrews 13:4). I believe in the institution of marriage because It is a sacred covenant designed by God to model the love of Christ and His people and to serve public and private good as the basic building block of human civilization. Marriage is intended by God to be a thriving, lifelong relationship between a man and a woman enduring through trials, sickness, financial crises and emotional stresses.

I am committed to supporting my clients find success and greater fulfillment as they seek God’s plans for their individual lives and relationships. To achieve this goal, I provide them with resources and evidence-based strategies rooted in Biblical principles that enables them to identify and optimize their combined strengths to promote  growth.



One time session ($125)

One-on-one coaching: One 60-minute session

Couple's Coaching ($600)

Save $150 with this package

6-Session package for couples (dating, engaged or married) tailored specifically to the needs of the couple and filled with resources for optimizing their combined strengths to enjoy their relationship

Women's Coaching ($600)

Save $150 with this package

6-session package tailored specifically to her needs

"Hi Dr. Kezia, I just wanted to thank you for walking alongside my fiancé and I for the last few weeks. I have grasped so much from those few sessions. Thank you for your obedience."

Margaret and Henry

"Every time I've dealt with deep emotional wounds in my marriage. Dr. Kezia has always been my go to person. She gives wise counsel"


"Honorable Marriages with Dr. Kezia is truly one of a kind. Our sessions have gone from tears to laughter. She has a skillful way of bringing hope to dead situations and cheering me on as I make wise decisions to build my marriage"


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