About Me

My life passion is to help couples in all stages and seasons to prepare for and to experience marital satisfaction

My Story

Hello! I’m Dr. Kezia Hayford-Addo

Professional Life and Relationship Coach

All throughout my adult life, the Lord has used me to speak life, healing and restoration into many marriages including that of my parents. The ability to listen empathetically and provide wise counsel regarding many life issues came to me naturally and I thought it was something I simply enjoyed. However, the testimonies of many couples and individuals regarding how God has used my voice to heal, repair and restore their relationships made it very clear that this was NOT ONLY A PASSION, but ALSO A CALLING.

One morning, the Lord instructed me in a dream to leave my full time job as a toxicologist and devote myself fully to the ministry of marriage and family. I found myself in a dream weeping and praying over broken marriages. Marriage is HONORABLE because it was DESIGNED BY GOD, and because He created the institution of marriage, He wants all his children to succeed in their marriages. Unfortunately, in a fallen world, the beauty of marriage has often been tainted and many couples do not experience the beauty, joy, purpose and fulfillment in marriage as God intended.

Honorable Marriages is not only a coaching service, it is a MINISTRY. Every client is carefully handpicked by God in this season to engage with me. I prayerfully seek the face of God and his plan regarding every session because I am convinced that every meeting is a divine appointment.

I am a living testimony of what we can truly enjoy and achieve in a healthy happy marriage. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and we have 4 children. I am happy to share that there has never been a day in our marriage when I have questioned whether our marriage was ordained by God. By the grace of God, I am a very happy wife and I’m truly enjoying marriage. I say this to the glory of God and with utmost humility. This is not to suggest that I don’t face marital issues, I do. But with the right mindset and the strength of the Holy Spirit, God has given my husband and I a biblical worldview of marriage and this has made the journey less bumpy.

I bring a combination of my personal experience, evidence-based approach and a plethora of resources founded on biblical principles to my coaching practice.

My sincere prayer is for all couples to experience marital satisfaction and fulfillment as God intended for marriages 


Evidence-based strategies rooted in Biblical principles that bring satisfaction, personal growth and fulfillment in all seasons and stages of life


I am committed to supporting my clients to find success and greater fulfillment as they seek God’s plan for their individual lives and relationships


My Approach


Inspire a Shared Vision

Two cannot walk together except they agree. Getting the couples to envision an exciting    future and to Verbalize their vision with powerful evocative language is my goal. Because if you can VISUALIZE and, VERBALIZE the VISION, then you can work toward it

Challenge the Process

If you do things the same way, you will always have the same results. Change is necessary but not easy. During coaching, we will together challenge the process that is not working and together come up with innovative process that encourage growth and improvement

Encourage the Heart

Change is not easy. As your coach I will be your cheerleader, cheering you on every little progress and encouraging you as you progress through the next step

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

"You have the Spirit of Wisdom, you give wise counsel"

Amanda – Single: Age 42

“Dr. Kezia did not tell me what to do, instead, she provided a biblical framework and allowed me to chart my own path based on the scriptures. Oftentimes, it felt as though Jesus was in our session. I was convicted, comforted and strengthened at the same time.”

Lucy – Married, Age 45


"I felt heard, understood and encouraged to move to the next level. Thanks for availing yourself"

Ama: Age 44

"Thanks for creating a safe space to be myself. I've been challenged and encouraged to let go all emotional damages. Thank you"

Onyekachi – Married: Age 44

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P.O. Box 52443, Durham NC 27717