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Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS)

Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. As a certified SYMBIS facilitator, I coach couples through the SYMBIS assessment

Whether you are newly engaged, newly married or just getting ready to take your dating relationship to the next level. Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. The Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts (SYMBIS for short) is an award winning assessment that evaluates your personalities, the way you handle money, your communication styles (etc) and equips you and your partner to prepare for life long love. As a certified SYMBIS Facilitator, I walk couples through the SYMBIS assessment to get them to know each other well, to set realistic expectations for marriage and to adequately equip them for a happy lasting love

Your Money Methods

Your Fight Types

Your Talk Styles

Your Personalities

Your Love Language

Your Deepest Longing

Couple Coaching

Whether you are attending coaching alone or with your partner, I partner with individuals and couples to set goals, challenge the process that is not working, and optimize your strengths and capabilities to reach a healthy, happy relationship 

Intercultural Relationships

You are not only marrying an individual, you are also marrying a set of circumstances surrounding the individual. Race, ethnicity, country of origin, culture, language barriers, inlaw relationships, expectations and assumptions are unique features of inter-ethnic relationships

Coaching through Financial Issues

Interestingly, financial issues are the major cause of all conflicts in relationships. Learn how to set realistic budgets, that prioritize your needs for now and the future. 

Building Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual intimacy is an important component of all marriages. Putting Christ at the center of your marriage and seeking daily to partner with the Holy Spirit in molding you and your partner is very important. When Christ is at the center, we are encouraged and equipped to yield our flesh and emotions to the Holy Spirit. Although our partners can meet some needs in our lives, there are other needs that only God can meet. Learn how to pray, study the word of God together and set goals that brings spiritual maturity in your marriage

Managing Conflicts

There is no relationship without conflicts. Conflicts and disagreements are not always bad, when handled well, conflicts can bring the perfect opportunity to listen to each other and think critically about an important decision. Learn how to manage conflict, improve communication without being defensive and how to communicate your disagreements in a way that honors you and your spouse

Building Effective Communication

Saying what you mean and understanding what you hear is a critical skill for any relationship. Communication is the blood line for all relationships. Learn how to enhance your communication with your spouse

Setting realistic expectations for marriage

Whether we’d like to admit or not, we come into marriage with our own assumptions and expectations. Often, these expectations are based on our parents marriage or some of our own childhood or cultural experiences. Unfortunately, some of these expectations may not have biblical grounds and may often pose undue pressure on your partner. Learn how to set realistic expectations, that works for you and your partner

Work-Life Balance

Whether you just had a newborn, recently relocated, working your dream job, or going back to school, improper balance between work and life can be harmful. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and prioritize

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